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the roots are running wild - flava_in_ya_ear
the roots are running wild
i've recently come across some info. it all might be rumors, it might all be fact. but whatever it is, it's got me making a severe mess in my pants.

- pharrell may or may not be calling a re-do with his album "in my mind". this second time around, he's got roots masterminds ?uestlove and james poyser at the boards. as you may remember, he did something similar when n.e.r.d.'s first album came out. they had recorded it, and at the last minute pulled it so they could re-record it with live instruments provided by the obscure, midwest rock band spymob. i'm told pharrell heard the new roots album "game theory", was awed by the sonic quality, and called them up to re-do the album with live instrumentation.

- al green may or may not also be working with the roots crew on his new album. i'm told it's just as good as his 70's material.

- jill scott is working on a new album. which is big news to me, as she spent so damn long in between her first and second. and again, ?uesto is at the boards.


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